A fresh eye, a conceptual thinker, a mediator, the one that makes the connection.

Do you have goals, specific aims, but don’t know how to get there?
You realize that change is needed in a certain area, but don’t know where to start?
Or are there aspects in your organization that need attention, but you are not able to give them priority?
Things that can be done better, more effective and efficient, but you don’t have time to analyze how?
You need results fast, with pragmatic but sustainable solutions?

Are you ready for change and want to get things going?
You need to connect the dots… You need The Project Agent!


  • One that has the power to act
  • An instrument by which results are obtained
  • A force that causes a change
  • A representative, a person to act on behalf of another


I will be your Agent.

With the ability to zoom in on specifics, but at the same time zoom out to see the bigger picture. Detect and create links: between ideas, issues, individuals, tools, processes and concepts. Determining a specific solution, strategy or approach.



  • It concerns tasks, assignments and activities that are interrelated
  • It is something new, unique, non-repeating
  • Results are obtained in a short timeframe
  • There is an end-date in the near future


As The Project Agent I act at various levels and in various roles; strategic, tactical and operational. I am able to provide advice and initial insights, to create and implement new ways and actually hitting the buttons.

The Project Agent is a Manager, Advisor and Creator.

MANAGER attain success, reach a desired goal, organize, administrate, influence, handle effectively, perform adequately especially in difficult circumstances..

ADVISOR give counsel, offer an opinion worth following, to recommend particular actions as desirable, give information, discuss by argument..

CREATOR cause to happen, to bring about by intention or design, to arrange something that would not naturally evolve, to do something constructive..

Result Oriented






Your Agent

One may describe me as a hard working professional, who wants to be challenged by new topics and complex tasks or projects. I have the skill to make a coherent whole of apparently loose or unstructured parts: Connecting the dots!

I have almost ten years of experience in successfully fulfilling various kinds of Business-IT related assignments.

My solutions and my way of working are not pre fixed. I adjust it to the best fit with your organization and specific task at hand, but always based on my own experiences and best practices.

To me, adding value is most important.




“she shows herself as a result-driven, structured and creative project manager, who is not easily daunted”

“witnessed how she with her drive, commitment, insight and tact achieved many results on team and management level that were not that self evident”



“has a good sense of what is happening in the organization in which she takes part, both in terms of strategy and goals as well as on a political level. She recognizes nuances and sensibilities and knows how these affect her work”


“a keen eye for result and the defining project parameters, with a sense for both the stakeholders, as well as the team with whom these results had to be reached”


“an enthusiastic, ambitious, transparent and pleasant colleague who is able to organize and manage complex projects”

“shows a good sense of organizational politics and personal relationships and handles them well”

“an independent professional with a great sense of responsibility and an intrinsic motivation to do the right things”




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